Hi I'm Mike,
..and this is my old website. I'm currently working on a new portfolio page (React) after working at Mobiel.nl as a junior Frontend-Developer. I've learned a lot there and will definitely not stop coding!

The new portfolio may take a while since I'm going to travel to South East Asia. Read more on: ReadOnARide.Com

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Wub Wub
WubWub is an egg shaped robot that wobbles towards approaching bypassers. This invites the person to interact with it. Our mission was to provide a joyful user interaction, so we gave it a curious and playful character by making it wobble.


The WubWub senses bypassers with three "eyes". However, it is a bit short sighted, so it takes a good look at you first by leaning backwards. The egg-shape gives the robot a friendly appearance, but its movements are the key to give it a character. Think of the character of the Pixar lamp for example, it is also mainly created by its movements. The use of a face to give a robot character might be an obvious, but not necessarily the most effective solution. Robots are of mechanical origin and the use of kinematic expressions are not only coherent with this principle, but also interesting to design and develop!


My role in this project was to supervise the mechanical development of the robot. The eyes of the robot were three ping-sensors to look for proximity and a sense of direction of a passerby. A servo-controlled pendulum inside the belly of the robot causes it to wallow in a controlled direction. I programmed an Arduino to process the sensor-values, determine what's the situation and let the robot respond in a desired manner. Although the robot became a bit too heavy for the servos, we managed to make it work. It was presented in an exposition where visitors, including children, could play and interact with it. They noticed the joyful character of the Wub Wub right away.

Influencing Touch
How do you influence and stimulate touch between two persons with audio design? Can you make them touch each other more wildly? Or more Zen-like? Yes, in an abstract way. Nevertheless, letting participants play with sound by touching each other is definetely fun.

Interpersonal Touch

My graduation project was to influence touch through music. It's an interactive installation where two people control a musical audio scenario by touching each other. The idea of stimulating touch between people by using audio feedback is still experimental. This field requires research on how audio feedback could influence the quality of touch interaction.

Interpersonal touch is essential for people. It is beneficial for health and psyche. Although people touch each other in certain occasions, there is a general avoidance for interpersonal touch. As a form of play, creating sounds together by touching each other is lowering social boundaries. Interaction design can hereby be used to stimulate social interaction on a very personal level.

Design Tool

The outcome is a tool for designers to link sound to the sensored touch resulted from this project. It consists of a Max MSP patch for Ableton Live which processes a signal from a capacitance sensor and allows the designer to let the signal control sound parameters in a desired way. This helps the designer to skip digging into code and calibration, but focus on how the created audio-responses affect the interaction between two people who touch each other.

the Artist
A platform for unknown artists to let their work be recorded and published.


While it is known that a lot of musicians are working on personal and intimate music themselves, they do not always push this music into the open. These hidden treasures were recorded and published on the Towards the Artist soundcloud and website. The musicians were invited to play their works on the local radio and the project resulted in a performance night funded by donations. One musician started a solo-career when he realized he sounded better then he thought he would be.


Not all musicians are eager to promote themselves. As a matter of fact, the most promising musicians can be rather shy about their work. It is not a bad idea to lend them a helping hand and create a low boundary incentive for them to take part of. Music is often not created and published in the conventional way and there are many more possibilities to reach for an audience nowadays.

Traces of Culture
Sideproject for the Humanity House in Den Haag. An art installation to let visitors contribute in building a monster.


By pressing a big red knob, the visitors could start a countdown for saying the word 'unity' while looking at themselves on a screen. The voice and a short video of the visitors eyes were recorded. Throughout the evening, two big screens in the main hall were filled up with footage of the recorded eyes to represent a digital "monster" we are creating by providing personal data. The DJ editted all the 'unity' voice-recordings into a soundscape.

Big Data

Data is collected from people all over the world. The use of this data already effects our lifes and can persuade people to act in a certain way. Most companies use it to boost advertisement or hook a user to their service, but it can also be used beneficial. In this project we confronted viewers to think about the evil use of personal data, but I think it is time to think about using big data for a greater good. To ask what this greated good might be (maybe by analyzing big data or workshops) would be an interesting follow up.

Other Interests
There are many things I like to do next to design, like learning new skills such as overtone singing, programming and analog photography.

Overtone singing

After attending a workshop on a festival to learn how to sing overtones, I began practicing just for the fun of it. Meanwhile, I'm able to sing melodies and I am learning the heavier troat singing styles.

DIY electronics

I grew up with a soldering iron and like to build simple circuits such as motor controllers, audio FX (pedal) kits and vacuum tube preamps. The beauty of this is understanding the basic principles behind old devices and learning to understand how current products derive from these principles. I find it fascinating how designers (from around 1940, the beginning of mass production) thought about user experience compared to today.

Analog Photography

After losing my DSLR camera, I found a 1967 Minolta film camera. I already learned camera and shooting technique with the digital camera, but the limitations and slowness of analog photography stimulate you to be more creative with the subjects and point of view.

I play music together with the band Hutspot or as a one-man-band. Next to that I like to do theater and acting for small projects. For the production of demo-songs and creative try-outs I can do the recording, mixing and mastering of audio in my home-studio. Currenty I am working on a teaser for the band that will be accompanied with beautiful video footage.

Rock n' Roll

Ocasionally, I play and sing uptempo old-school blues and folk at various places in Rotterdam and Delft. Wether it's a livingroom concert or an old bar, the goal is to create an ear-catching experience build from traditionals and obscure blues songs. The songs alow others to easily jam along and recently I have a band to play with.

Acting and Film-Music

In 2015 I played in a short amateur film called 'Overtocht' by Wolbodo-Pictures. After joining open acting classes the director gave me a side-rol as an obstinate shipper. Next to acting in this film, I took the role of sound-director and recorded the soundtrack for the film.

Contact Info

Mike Bond
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t: +31654356094